How to Manage a Micro-manager that isn’t Your Manager

I’m sure you’re all happy to have an extended weekend/break from work for the holiday, so let’s have an honest-TEA moment and reflect on one of the many reasons why we can’t wait until the weekend. In the corporate world and often times in other workplaces as well, we often come across one or two [...]


Let Your Hands do the Talking: How to use your Fingers to Promote Yourself and Totally NAIL it

When it comes to expressing yourself in the corporate world it can be very difficult due to the dress policies and constant side eyes from the uptight crew. The dress policies are usually so strict that there is no real way to differentiate yourself from other people and express your individuality. Some of us love [...]

5 Things to Remember When You’re an Adult Student Returning to School

Are you thinking of returning to school but you’re unsure if this is the right decision? Are you working full-time and trying to figure out how school will fit into your schedule? Making that decision can be really difficult (trust me, I know). Being an adult student and trying to balance everyday life, especially as [...]