You cause the majority of your holiday stress. Yes, YOU!

Do you sometimes get so caught up in the commercial and material aspects of holidays like birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. Getting caught up in the hype of things will surely have you missing the blessing/biggest gift that is right in front of you. Let me tell you what I’m talking about…

I can testify that I too have been that person who would throw a Sweet 16-styled tantrum if things weren’t done my way on my birthday. A belated anything from anybody would cost you a petty (yes, I mean petty and not pretty) penny because I will be sure to pay you back when it’s your time to receive something. Yes, that may be a little harsh; however, I’ve grown to realize that I can’t get hung-up on a specific day like my birthday, which is April 20 aka National Weed Day for all my potheads out there, and sometimes Easter Sunday, making me part Jesus (This is not up for debate!).

Birthday (1)Not saying that you can’t celebrate your birthday all month long but on the exact day of your birthday, it’s a day of self-reflection and self-revelation. On that day, you have completed another year in your journey of life, so what have you done so different from the previous year? What trials and tribulations are you now a testament to as you many have gotten through them? Have you grown or do you still have more work to do?

These are all questions that we should also ask ourselves every birthday as our job as humans is to become better ones. There is no better gift than being able to build yourself up and become more bold and stronger as the years go by. This day is the perfect day to put together a yearly dream board to see what goals you have reached from the previous years and how much you’ve changed or stayed the same. You’ve been blessed with another year and self-love is powerful and beautiful thing.

Now let’s get started on the other holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Fun Fact: Christmas is not actually about gift giving…it’s about the gift of life. *gasp* Yes, my little tee-pots, it’s true. I know that stung almost as bad as finding out that Santa Clause isn’t real. I hope you didn’t spit out tea all over your computers. Christmas has been turned into a capitalist holiday where people spend all of their time and money shopping for gifts to appease people and spoiling children who go all World War III on everybody if they don’t get what they want. On this day, families should be celebrating life, being together and giving back to those who are less fortunate. Now that is the true meaning of Christmas and the Christmas spirit.

Another fun fact! 🙂 Teacups down please…Thanksgiving is not about buying new clothes for your family gathering to sit around and have a shade fest with your fav cousin and Auntie! *Gasp and clutches invisible pearls* This is the time to gather with your loved ones that you may have not seen since the year before and say what you are thankful for. This is the time to come together and mend any family issues that you may have been having in a peaceful and loving way. This is not about you finding the cutest all black spandex “I’m gonna eat my face off and still look cute” outfit.giphy[1]

During the holidays, it’s time to make time for yourself and family. And whatever you didn’t like from the year before, it is up to you to change it. Every New Year is not about partying and drinking. It’s about turning over a new leaf and living life. But you don’t have to wait until the New Year to feel like when the ball drops suddenly it hits a reset button. You get a reset button/chance to make a change or do something different every time you wake up the next day because it’s a new day. You don’t have to wait until your birthday to make a wish and pay yourself some mind for once, you don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to gather with your family, and you darn sure don’t have to wait until Christmas to show someone the gift of giving.

Remember tee-pots, every day is a new day that has been created for you to claim. It’s up to you what you do with it. Don’t let things like holidays define or confine you. You want to do something different with the day?! TAKE IT! Own it. Love it. Live it because it’s yours baby! #siponthat


11 thoughts on “You cause the majority of your holiday stress. Yes, YOU!

    1. I like that you’re asking the readers questions, this draws in your audience. I also think that you’re doing a great job of showing your humor here (I laughed at the sweet sixteen line). Glad you were truthful here about the holidays! So many people forget the true meanings these days! Your audience will appreciate your honesty! Also, kudos for keeping up with answering your commenters!

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      1. Thanks Sam! Sometimes we can truly forget the real meaning of the holidays and need to be reminded.

        Now I just have to make a few updates to my blog so my readers will actually want to join in on my “tea parties” and I’ll be good to go! (Lol)


  1. This is really fantastic and so true. People get so hung up on themselves and events that they lose track of what is really important in life: their family. In my family, a lot of the time we just do something simple for holidays. A dinner out, a BBQ, or just cake and ice cream; it’s not big but it means a lot to my family just to spend time together. Thanks for the wonderful post.


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    1. Hi Ashley! At times we can definitely lose site of what is really important. We can start to add value to things that shouldn’t really mean much or nothing to us at all. Thanks for sipping tea with me! #pinkiesup


    1. Thanks! Once you start, the worries and the stress will be so small. The hardest part will be giving up the holiday outfits. It’s nothing like a loose fitting, all black ensemble w/ coloring popping accessories for Thanksgiving dinner lol. Thanks for sipping!☕️ #pinkiesup

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