Let Your Hands do the Talking: How to use your Fingers to Promote Yourself and Totally NAIL it

When it comes to expressing yourself in the corporate world it can be very difficult due to the dress policies and constant side eyes from the uptight crew. The dress policies are usually so strict that there is no real way to differentiate yourself from other people and express your individuality. Some of us love to change our hairstyles constantly, including myself, but as black women, we’ve all been profiled for it at least one or twice in our lives (guilty again) for hairstyles with different colors. And don’t get me started on the faux locs reactions! (We’ll save this tea party convo for our next post) I know you are all saying YYAAAASSSSSSSS! At this very moment. Being able to express yourself is very important because when you can’t, you’ll honestly began to sulk and that is not good for your health, trust me. With that being said, I have a little tea that I would like to share. I’ve found the dress policy loophole! Pinkies up as you stir the tea…it’s NAILS! Pull out your policies ladies and double check for yourselves while I sip.

Now that you’ve confirmed that the tea that I just served you was actually piping hot, let’s get down to the nail files. Nails can be done in various shapes, lengths and colors. They can also be changed for any occasion and season. Looking for a great way to make yourself stand out and show your personality too? Nails can also do that for you with the designs that you pick. And most importantly, when it comes to the corporate world, they’re easy to hide during those unexpected meeting as you can fold your hands in your lap or do a quick color change in minutes. Nailing your nails can become an expensive habit but honestly, what isn’t expensive these days. Anything that’ll help with self-expression, that isn’t illegal and doesn’t hurt anybody, is totally worth it.

IMG_1957 (1)My personal story, I used to work at a Children’s Hospital and of course, it’s a professional dress environment and there are also uniforms. The constant reminders of what not to wear and “How do you sleep with a bun that big?!” are things that I’ve been ssssooo over for a while. I took it upon myself to start getting very creative with my nails and use them as a way to be expressive and also engage the children that I interacted with. Let’s just say I totally NAILED IT! My manager and supervisor definitely didn’t mind when they finally saw them from beneath the desk due to the children and their parents loving them, always talking about them and wanting to touch. This helped with some families becoming frustrated from waiting as my nails could be used as a conversation piece and I was that much more memorable amongst my peers because I used them for something positive and creative.

It never hurts and goes to show that you can use something so small to keep you sane. Nails can also be used to show your company pride by painting them your company’s color, designing them according to an event, holiday or even your manager or supervisor’s favorite color. Or designing them with things they like. Talk about brownie points! And it’ll help the higher ups with coming around to hearting them instead of hating them. Nails are also a great way to pamper yourself, have some “me” time and be as creative as you want. It’s nothing like having unlimited creativity and change in your life. Important note to not forget, while you’re out clawing your way through life with your awesome nails, don’t forget the “you” part in promoting yourself. Design your nails with love and things you like as well.

Upload your personal fav nail art below for your fellow tea sipper to see! I’m sure they’ll all be tea finger stirring good!giphy[1]


2 thoughts on “Let Your Hands do the Talking: How to use your Fingers to Promote Yourself and Totally NAIL it

  1. I enjoy my tea time with tiara. This Blog is amazing. Sorry I can’t upload my personal nail art, I just wear clear polish with a little sparkle, lol and my nails are very short

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s ok Hilena! A little sparkle and shimmer can go a long way! It’s like having magical unicorn/ fairy dust on your fingers, which is always in! And as long as your pinky nail is still capable of sticking up while you’re sipping tea, then all is good with the world! (lol) Thanks for sippin’!


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