If you are reading this, this blog is for you! Yes, YOU Queen! Here you can get all of the tea served up hot! Whether it’s about relationships, school, career Beyoncé (because every now and again some religion is needed so why not have a little Beysus in your life, right?!) I started this blog to create a community of women empowerment, self-healing and as a virtual escape from reality. We all need it as it’s well needed.

For years I’ve been told to take this path as I have a response for everything under the sun! Affectionately given the moniker “Pynk Leopard” by my co-family due to knowing all of the latest news and coming up with podcast/blog ideas for fun. Some of my posts will make you laugh, cry, gasp, think and have an AH-HA! Moment. Sounds a little split personality-ish so you’ve been warned! 🙂

Reading, research and reviews are my ritual. These things are practically my life and there isn’t a certain topic or trend that I will not look into. I’m a self-proclaimed Marketing Guru and student by day and an Undercover Unicorn by night. I’m also a professional shady face maker #sideeyequeen and part-time fortune teller because I will read somebody for free if my life is tried lol. HGTV is my drug and reality TV/Celebrity gossip is my sanity.

Fun fact for my Tee-pots: when my tea is hot, I prefer sugar, lemon juice and honey. If it’s cold, I like my tea to be so sweet that a cavity is almost mandatory.

My favorite sayings are: “I am her and she is me,” “I can’t, and I won’t so I’m not” “you tried it”. Also, I’m very aware that Pynk should be spelled as Pink and Tee-pots should be Teapots. I prefer the “y” in Pink because it’s different and some people call me Tee for short so that explains the whole “Tee-pot” thing so no need to pay that little red line any mind. This like planet fitness aka a judgement free
zone so let me live.

Alpha female, I AM! I’m also the most outgoing introvert you will ever meet (lol).